What is Life Recovery Ministries?

Life Recovery Ministries (LRM) is a 12-month Christian discipleship ministry ran by the Father's House Church, where men and women who suffer from addiction can recover in a safe and Christ-centered environment. LRM is a highly sought after program, with an incredible 70% success rate: 70% of all graduates never reoffend! Our goal is to help men and women become free of addiction, have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and become positive members of society. 


  Our LRM disciples sign up for a unique program and schedule when they decide to join our ministry. They take part in morning devotions, church services, small groups and classes, as well as learning job skills through volunteering on site or at one of our partner businesses. The standard they are expected to live is very high; however, the rewards of successfully completing the program are astronomical. 

Practical Details

12 Month Program - 12 Step Program - $700 Per Month


Mandatory Meetings

Bible Homework

Book Reports

Church Attendance


Prayer Ministry

Drug Testing

Group Housing

Grocery Breakfast

Bagged Lunches

Family Style Dinners

  • We work the 12 steps, using a Christian model with Jesus as our higher power. LRM disciples are required to do the 12 steps with a sponsor in order to move on through the levels of the program. Disciples also have access to mentors, along with their house leaders, who walk them through their program and act as leaders and friends, supporting them through the entire process. Disciples also participate in prayer ministry, looking at past hurts, releasing forgiveness and asking God to reveal the truth.

  • All LRM disciples take part in all aspects of our community living.

    The program includes morning devotionals, weekly small groups, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

    Church attendance is mandatory.

    As a disciple completes a "level" necessary for graduation, they have more opportunities to volunteer their time at Church events, Community Outreach Programs and everything happening around The Father's House Church!

    We constantly have events going on, such as men and women's retreats, game nights, social gatherings and even a softball team! 

  • We require that LRM disciples volunteer during their entire stay at our program. This happens at either on site at The Father's House Church's campus, or at one of our partner affiliates, Father's House Restoration Ministries Non-Profit Businesses, like Helping Hands Work Crew or Restored Boutique. 

    This is a unique opportunity to learn hands-on and job skills, trade work and various other experiences beneficial for future employment.

    They will have opportunities to serve the Oroville community through helping in several of our Outreach programs, such as our Mount of Olives Food Bank.

Connect with us

2661 Elgin Street 

Oroville, California


(530) 534-4704