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Life Recovery Ministries (LRM) is a  transformative 12-month Christian discipleship Program located in Oroville, CA. It’s a place where men struggling with addiction can be set free. Our mission is to guide our clients towards freedom from addiction, a relationship with Jesus and empower them to be positive contributors to society.

Our Mission

Our clients embark on a proven 12 step program to help them step into lasting change. Devotions, church services, regular meetings and a personalized treatment plan help to encourage, equip and teach our clients how to have a different life.

Clients are also equipped with practical tools for success. They gain valuable job skills through serving in our ministries and FHRM businesses. The aim is to empower them with the means to become successful in the workforce.


LRM sets high standards for our clients. We believe in the power of personal growth and discipleship. The journey hasn’t been easy, but the person graduating today has given their all to completing the program and becoming different.

Program Leaders


Kristian Sullivan-Jakubiszyn



Joe Argus

Assistant Director


Shaur Brannon

Program Manager


"LRM showed me something different and it gave me a structure to my life. It also taught me that I don't always have to try to do things my way. I will never be the same again.

— Kurt Flethcer

LRM Graduate and LRM Sponsor

Nolan Zink.jpg

“LRM gave me hope of becoming someone, and it gave me a foundation in Jesus so I could begin to actually live a real life.”​

— Nolan Zink

LRM Graduate and LRM Sponsor

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